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2020 was an eye-opening year – learning more about the way the country works, watching individuals lie and seeing others ingest and grow with those lies without a second thought. Realizing how many policies and procedures are in place simply as a result of either barely disguised or overt racism. Seeing how delicate this country actually is.

2020 was horrible for many, for many reasons.

Personally, I feel incredibly fortunate to have a job with a company exhibiting a very high concern for employee and customer safety. Anyone who could work from home has been doing so since March. Work hours were reduced for a number of months for those who did not retire early or voluntarily opt out of continued employment. Not a great situation, but there are many worse ways it could have gone.

Prior to the pandemic changing the working landscape, working from home was not something I enjoyed. To me it seemed a disruptor to the serenity of my home. Work should be at work, home at home. My opinion has completely changed. Not working in a big open space day after day, hearing bits and pieces of innumerable conversations with participation in forced socialization, is so much more peaceful. Go figure. Takes a special kind of someone to handle this, though. Extroverts are probably oppositely affected.

I’ve started regularly exercising 5 days a week – which is 5 days more than I was regularly exercising aside from walking – with a penalty fee to my sister for days skipped. She pays the same fee but hasn’t missed a day, yet, while I have already paid her for three missed days. One day, she will slip…

My partner had to close one of his businesses and is taking quite a hit in another, but he will be contributing his story, so I won’t elaborate. 

I now have just shy of intermediate poodle grooming skills after much 2020 practice. Our dogs are ok with going out for a walk after I cut their hair as long as I wear a mask so no one can tell who did that to them. 

Hopeful cheers for a nicer and safer 2021!

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