Brian, 49, Columbus, Georgia, USA

So, I’m sitting here on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day right before the Inauguration after the insurrection. It should be a very happy time. A joyous occasion. But no.

Georgia turned blue. I’m a union pipefitter out of Montgomery, Alabama, so Roll Tide Roll. Six National Championships in 12 years. Unbelievable. 

I’m happy watching morons getting arrested by the FBI every day. Four thousand a day dying from COVID, I hate, but knew it was coming.     

2020 stared out fine. A job in Ohio fell through, so I took a teaching job every other weekend at my Union Hall working with apprentices. I’m almost 50. Tired of running the road. I’ve moved more as a pipefitter than as an Army Brat. I had it going good, and then I started hearing about COVID on NPR and Democracy Now.

I quit listening to music at work after Twitler got elected. NPR out of NYC. Democracy Now. Trump, Inc. podcast. Intercepted podcast. Anyway, I’m hearing about COVID and crunching numbers. Googling two percent of the global population and things like that.

I started to panic. I got serious about getting my pool table recovered. I’m single with no kids, so if I was going to be out of work and locked down, Simmonis 860 and a new Meucci Cue.

Somehow I’m an essential employee, so work never stopped, but the teaching job did. I’ve listened to so much ignorant BS at work–“It’s just like the flu, mask don’t work, fake news.” Trump has shown me how many idiots I know.

I have one friend that lives in Arizona, and I talk to her all the time. Phone calls. Not just texting. A real phone call. She keeps me sane. We have never met in person. Maybe one day when this is over with I’ll fly out and go see her.

2020 simply proved to me how low Republicans will go to f— over working people. I’m lucky. I lost a part-time job and have to wear a mask at work, sometimes. COVID messed up my dating life. It’s an hour-long date every two or three months. Speed Dating. Putting my Dog down in November affected me more than COVID.

Today was MLK day. Do you know how many times I heard stupid white people say the N-word today? More than normal. I do fire back and they don’t like it. I god damn can’t stand ignorant white people. I was one 100 years ago, but not today.

So I watched the GOP lie for nine months and I’m still on lockdown. Work, store, home. Just me, my squirrels, and opossums. One cat I can’t kidnap. Maybe six months from now with some Adult Supervision and Democrats controlling the Senate things will straighten out for people way worse off than me. Other than wearing a mask and listing to Facebook scientists, I wouldn’t even know there was a pandemic.

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