Christine Popoli, 70, Rumford, RI, USA

My reflections on how COVID has affected my life:

COVID has brought my life, as I knew it, to an end. The advent of technology as our primary basis for communicating with others has been slowly altering our lives for the past few years  — but COVID cemented the need for its use in connecting people with each other.

In many ways, the ability to use this technology — FaceTime, Zoom, etc. — has been a godsend. I did appreciate having the opportunity to do this and enjoyed it.

The Facebook and Zoom times are scheduled, time is set aside, and the get-togethers happen as planned. Spur of the moment phone calls to talk with  friends and relatives, to hear the tones of their voices, and to determine their emotional states, are rare.

The biggest loss has been the lack of physical contact. No hugging hello or hugging goodbye, no hugging or kissing our children, grandchildren, older relatives or special friends. There’s even no chance to see another person’s smile.

Travel is over, theater is over, concerts are over, and movie theaters are empty. These are things I really enjoyed. Will they ever exist in the way we knew them again? If so, it will be a long time before that happens. I am now 70. This is cutting into the “Golden Years” I expected to enjoy.   

Some people have been able to roll with the COVID punches. I have not.

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