Share Your 2020

History belongs to you, not to the people who teach it. Let your voice be part of the record.

What milestones or notable events happened in your life in the last year that were a direct or indirect result of any of the events of 2020? What would you want to say about your 2020 to people in the future curious about the individual person’s experience during this time in history?

We want to hear your stories, anecdotes, what inspired you, what knocked you flat and how you picked yourself up and helped others stay on their feet. The year was a tapestry of wonder and woe, tears and laughter. Tell us how the year played out for you and those you care for. Praise, pray, rant, report or sing in any key whatsoever.

Letters may be up to 1,000 words. “Letters” can be written in any genre of written expression you feel comfortable using: it can be in the form of a traditional holiday newsletter, a journal entry, a poem, a song, a rap, a sonnet, a list, prose poetry, a pro/con balance sheet, a letter to a friend…

The only thing we don’t want is fiction.

Please include your age, your city and state/province, and a first name we may use.

We reserve the right to edit your letter for language or clarity and will not publish submissions that don’t meet our broad guidelines.

If your letter touches on the news of family members or friends who prefer to be anonymous, please use fake names or first names only to protect their privacy.

To submit your 2020 newsletter, write or paste the text within the body of your email (we will not open attachments) and send it to

Photos: If you’d like to add a photograph to your letter, please include a link to the image on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other image hosting website.

Want to submit, but feeling stuck on what to write? Tips on getting started.

(Note: We don’t pay for letters, nor do we charge a submission fee. This is a volunteer project.)

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