John Gianoulidis, 56, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

So, this afternoon I was pondering the last year’s events. About this time last year, I was being filmed for Kafenio to be on the Atlanta Eats show and planning the one-year anniversary/Grand Opening party for Kafenio Avondale.  ParkGrounds was plugging along as it has for the last 10 years. We had a great timeContinue reading “John Gianoulidis, 56, Atlanta, Georgia, USA”

Mary Kay Zuravleff, 60, Washington, DC, USA

Yesterday was Friday, not that we could tell. My husband, our 19-year-old daughter, and I have been keeping it together this spring. Also our dog, Arrow, who was born for social distancing. She’s afraid of most people and dogs, including dog sculptures, as well as cats, children, trucks, raindrops, and acorns. That sums up ourContinue reading “Mary Kay Zuravleff, 60, Washington, DC, USA”