Tips for starting your newsletter

The family / holiday newsletter is, in its simplest form, an update on what happened in your life over the past year.

In its 2020 form, the updates will have that special “2020” tint to them, but they’ll still answer the same basic question: What was your year like?

For some ideas of what to include:

  • Did things change for you at work/school/home? In what way?
  • What plans did you have for the year, and how did they unfold?
  • How were you, your family, or your community impacted by major events?
  • What’s your social life been like over the last year? How have you stayed connected to others?
  • Did you, in 2020, set new goals, change your goals, achieve goals, or put goals on hold?
  • Did you develop or take an interest in new skills/hobbies/activities?

Everyone has their own way of writing a newsletter (some create a “top ten” list, for example). Don’t be afraid to be creative!

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